The Downbeat Cafe is located in the heart of Echo Park at 1202 N. Alvarado St. Los Angeles, Ca 90026. You can reach us at (213) 483-3955. The Downbeat Cafe is available for private parties and as a filming location.     

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    Edendale LibraryThe Lemon Frog ShopThe Downbeat Cafe

We are part a diverse community of people and businesses. In our immediate building there is us, the Downbeat Cafe, a family run coffee shop, where you can enjoy friendly service, a relaxing environment, classic jazz, a cappuccino, tasty soup & sandwiches and the best peanut butter cookie in L.A.

The interior is a 50's vintage coffee shop with reading lamps and plugs at the tables making it a perfect place to have lunch and get some work done or to meet a potential client or collaborator.

There is live jazz every Wednesday night played by the band who named themselves after our coffee shop: The Downbeats.

Say hello to your neighbors Dan, Natalie, Darby and Joshua.


To our left there is The Lemon Frog Shop where you can find all sorts of vintage treasures.

Say hello to your neighbor Mickey.


Also on our left is the Edendale Public Library.

Monday 10a-8p
Tuesday Noon -8p
Wednesday 10a-8p
Thursday Noon-8p
Friday 1:30p-5:30p
Saturday 10a-6p
Sunday Closed

Say hello to your library clerk MaryAnn Peters.


    The Machine GalleryThe Echo Park Film CenterMedia Noche

To our right The Machine Project takes art to a whole new level. They investigate art, technology natural history, science, music, literature and food.


Say hello to your neighbor Mark Allen.



(Los Angeles Times file photo of Mark Allen)


Machine Project's neighbor, The Echo Park Film Center provides a fabulous place to escape from Hollywood films and to see some experimental film making as well as to learn how to create a film of your own.

Say hello to your neighbors Paolo and Veronica.

    Last but not least is Media Noche a boutique shop featuring fashionable hats, jewelry, women & men's fashions by contemporary designers and the friendliest kitties on the block.

On patrol around the neighborhood and a frequenter of the Downbeat Cafe is Jen Diamond our resident Web Designer.

Say hello to your neighbor Jen Diamond.

Jen Diamond
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